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XPS for Catalysis

HarwellXPS and the UK catalysis hub are teaming up on the 22nd September to discuss how XPS can aid your catalytic research! Come along to the Research Complex at Harwell to join us!

Fundamental XPS

Data Analysis


Complementary Techniques

Synchotron XPS

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XPS for Beginners - Data Analysis

HarwellXPS are once again running an XPS for beginners course at Harwell! Come and join us to learn:

Energy Calibration

Background Modelling

Component Fitting

Doublets/Multiplet Handling

Data Exporting and Presenting

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Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Oxford Ideas Fest 2022

HarwellXPS will be bringing our fantastic 'Surface Matters' exhibition to the 2022 Oxford ideas festival!





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Thematic School on X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

HarwellXPS will be in la Croisic on September 26-30 for the 2022 CNRS XPS school

Theoretical courses on XPS spectroscopy and imaging

Practical courses with CasaXPS Software

Training sessions with data and videos supplied

Brainstorming dedicated to difficult cases.

Poster session (with the SFV award) for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows

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Our awesome features