Harwell Campus

Central Harwell Facilities

Based at the Research Complex at Harwell, next to Diamond Light Source, the central Harwell facility is the first point of call for all users looking to do XPS. Complete with a Kratos Supra and Thermo Nexsa XPS, alongside the EasyXAFS lab based XAS system and a host of support facilities - the Harwell facility can provide the capabilities to meet the vast majority of experiments. Staff: Dr. Shaoliang Guan and Dr. Mark Isaacs

High Throughput XPS

Mono Ag and Al X-rays and multi-sample stage options.

Advanced Sample Handling

Argon glovebox on site for inert sample transfer.

Sample Treatment Options

Cryo XPS< high temperature XPS and sample biasing.

Multitechnique Analysis


Satellite facilities

Our awesome features
Cardiff University Chemistry

A Kratos Supra and Thermo k-alpha provide valuable support when needed for the central facility. High pressure sample treatment options available here (catalysis cell) for analysing samples pre- and post-heating under gas. Dr. David Morgan Prof. Phil Davies Dr. Josh Davies-Jones Dr. Arthur Graf

Our awesome features
University College London Chemistry

Dedicated ARXPS instrument - Thermo Thetaprobe with REELS available. Prof. Robert Palgrave

Our awesome features
University of Manchester/Royce Institute

NAP-XPS and HAXPS facilities available through a period call system. Dr. Alex Walton Dr. Ben Spencer