XPS for beginners!

Discover our step by step introductory guide to working with XPS. We start from the very beginning and work up towards getting you going with data analysis.

Video and text style teaching

A combination of video lecture style teaching and accompanying page text

Worked examples

Data provided for worked examples to get you practising data analysis on relevant spectra

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Our awesome features
Our awesome features

XPS Element Library

Find peak modelling advice for individual elements

Things to watch out for

What to analyse

Lineshape and modelling advice

Binding energy references

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Knowledge base

Browse our full catalogue of articles

Data acquisition

Experimental setups and parameters


Theory and concepts

Data Analysis

Spectral features and methods to model

Complementary Techniques

Related surface and bulk techniques enabling additional insights

Our awesome features
XPS DIscussion

Discussion forums

Ask questions and get advice on all things XPS!


Data Analysis


General Discussion

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