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Visit our application guide to see which experiments are on offer via HarwellXPS. Decide what you need to know and think about which techniques will get you the answers you require. HarwellXPS staff are happy to talk specifics or offer advice, so feel free to get in touch with us via!

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Investigator details

The principal investigator is the project lead, supervisor or academic responsible for paying for the analysis. Applications may be submit by anyone (PhD students, postdocs, industrial researchers etc) and co-investigators added to all projects of any status. All investigators included will have access to the project details in their user portal. Principal investigators must have a PI account. If you are already registered as a HarwellXPS user, you can upgrade to a PI account at any time via the PI centre.

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Sample details

It's very important that we know which elements you're looking to investigate, in order to provide the best possible analysis and advice on experimental set-up. Please provide details of all samples in the following format: Sample 1 (SAMPLE NAME) - (List of elements) - Approximate stoichiometry (Any format e.g. CH3NH3PbI3, 5 wt.% Cu on MgO, 100 ppm iron in polyurethane) Groups of sample with the same elements of interest may be listed together e.g. Sample 1 (ABCD#001) - 5% Ag/Al2O3 Sample 2 (ABCD#002) - 10% Ag/Al2O3 (Ag, Al, O, C) If sample name indicated stoichiometry then name along is sufficient, e.g. Sample 1 (1% Pt/SiO2) Sample 2 (2% Pt/SiO2) Sample 3 (5% Pt/SiO2) (Pt, Si, O, C)

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COSHH Assessment

We've streamlined our COSHH submission system - simply select your hazards, risks, PPE and input any relevant details and a risk assessment will be generated by our system!