Raman at HarwellXPS

Our Thermo Nexsa XPS is equipped with a 3 laser (455/532/785 nm) coincident Raman IR system permitting parallel photoelectron and vibrational spectroscopy on a single sample spot.

Thorough materials analysis

Combining the molecular and structural information of Raman spectroscopy with the chemical information of XPS permits greater sample understanding

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Probing deeper

While XPS remains the master of the surface, Raman allows additional insights into the material properties below the surface

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Perfect for thin films

Graphenes, boron nitrides, etc. XPS already presents the ideal resource for chemical and thickness analysis of thin films - with Raman providing insights into defects and film structure

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Integrated software

Our integrated Raman system provides data in OMNIC/CSV format - ready to be analysed by widely used softwares

Our awesome features