Standard XPS is typically performed using a monochromated Al k-alpha source, giving the best signal and resolution available.

Standard XPS

Monochromated Al X-rays (1486.69 eV) combined with high resolution detectors provide widespread access to high quality XPS analysis.

High Energy XPS

Monochromatic Ag La X-rays (2,984.31 eV) permits deeper investigation compared with Al X-rays, at the expense of overall signal.

Spatial XPS

XPS in the X,Y or Z dimension!

Angle Resolved XPS

Probe the Z-dimension of your sample using a non-destructive technique.


2D Imaging

Create surface heat maps identifying elemental or chemical distributions.

2D Imaging

Related Techniques

Want to learn more about how ancilliary techniques can aid your research? Find out via the links below!

Sample Treatment Options

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Air-free transfer

Ideal for working with air sensitive materials such as batteries

HarwellXPS Air Free Transfer Options

Temperature Modulation

From cryo- to high temperature measurements we have the solution

HarwellXPS Temperature Control

Electrochemical Biasing

For deeper understanding of electrochemical systems

Coming Soon

Ion and Cluster Bombardment

Advanced manipulation of sample surfaces

HarwellXPS Ion Guns

Advanced Techniques


Perform XPS under gas or vapour conditions


Perform very high energy XPS

X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Perform X-ray Absorption Measurements