Sample heating

HarwellXPS has the capacity for a range of different sample heating experiments. Either in vacuo or under a number of gases, we can provide the solution for your needs.

Sample Heating

Heat samples up to 700 celcius

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Measurements at Temperature

Heat as a pretreatment or perform XPS measurements at temperature

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Heating With Gases

Us our dedicated high pressure cell at Cardiff university to perform heating processes under a variety of gases within the UHV chamber

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Cryo XPS

HarwellXPS are developing new ways to perform cryo XPS - with the design of new equipment and research into sample preparation and handling techniques for different sample types.

Cold sample transfer

Prepare sensitive, biological or volatile materials at cold temperatures

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Solid-Liquid interface

Cryo XPS enables analysis of interfacial liquid layers on a material surface.

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Cryogenic air free transfer

A custom built cryo sample transfer system permits loading of air sensitive samples into the cryo system.

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